Packing Services

When it comes to packing services Orpington Removals knows well that packing your belongings up ready for removal can be a very daunting task and has to be handled with special care. No matter how prepared you are, you are always left wondering if you have packaged everything that needs packaging, or start worrying that a delicate item doesn’t have proper protection. This is why we have a team of packing specialists on staff so then we can take all the worry about packing out of your hands.

We have provided a packing service for over five years now, and during that time we have learned all the skills necessary in order to make the packing aspect of removal a lot easier. If you choose our packing services, then our team will probably visit your home or place of work the day before the removal starts. This way they are able to get everything packed up and ready for you before the big day, saving you plenty of time and money.

The packing team will start by taking a note of all the items that are being moved, and then they will start carefully packing them away. The team will make a note of any fragile or delicate items that you have so then they can make sure they use the right kind of packing material in order to make sure it is safe throughout its journey.

If you are thinking about handling the packing side of the removal yourself, then you really should think twice. Packing is a very difficult task, particularly when it comes to picking the right kind of materials. If you use the wrong one, then you could end up causing damage to very valuable objects. At Orpington Removals, we have a wide range of packing materials so we will always be able to find the right one to suit your needs.

Finally, once everything is packaged up the team will be able to start labelling all of the boxes and packages. This way you will be able to tell what is in each box, and the removal team will also know which items are more valuable or fragile than others. Then the packages and boxes will be organised so then they in an order ready to be placed straight into the van when it arrives the day after.

It may sound like a fairly simple process, but the dedicating packing team here at Orpington Removals prides itself on being able to provide one of the very best packing services in the area.

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