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Parkside Chinese Restaurant in Orpington

Parkside Restaurant in Orpington is relatively new. The new owners, in order to distinguish their new place from other Asian places in Orpington, decided to focus on the authentic Sichuan with classic Canonese food with all this accompanied with the traditional Peking cuisine.  The local Orpington residents like this restaurant for their professional waiters, hight quality dishes and cosy atmosphere.  The most popular selection is the set meal for £16.90.  For full menu please click here.  Those wanting to taste the favours of the...
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Pizza in Orpington – Pizza Express

Orpington's Pizza Express is located at 97 High Street, Orpington BR6 0LF. The restaurant serves delicious food including gluten free pizzas, starters, salads and deserts. The meals are always fresh and healthy. You can choose to eat your pizza inside or take it away with you. Pizza Express also offers the Click&Collect option if you are too busy to eat like other people do.  The Pizza Express lovers can buy the pre-prepared and pre-packed pizzas or buy just the dough to prepare their own pizza at home. Customers...
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Fiesta Mexicana Restaurant Orpington

Fiesta Mexicana Restaurant is located right in the centre of the town at; 99-101 High St, Orpington BR6 0LG and its best known from its deliciously sweet cocktails and tapas. Fajitas, Flame-grilled Stakes, Tex-Mex Sizzlers and Tortillas are just the beginning of their long list of traditional Mexican and Cuban foods. The restaurant organises loud parties and there is a special party menu for it.  Their Chocolate Fudge Cake has been voted by our removals team as the best flavour and best...
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Reku Zen Asian Restaurant Orpington

Reku Zen Asian Restaurant Orpington without any doubt is one of the most popular places to go to in Orpington. Its popularity can best be measured by the number of online reviews this restaurant received from their loving customers. There were 38 Google and 105 TripAdvisor good reviews published at the time when this article was written. No other restaurant in Orpington has so many reviews about them. The locals like this restaurant not only because you can eat there as much as you like for only...
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Meze Bar Orpington

Hizar Meze Bar in Orpington is a place for everyone!  No matter if you are a heavy meat eater, pescaterian,  vegetarian or vegan, you will always find something delicious at this restaurant for yourself.  To view the menu please click here.   Hizar Meze Bar is popular among the residents of Orpington as a place to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other events. Every Friday and Saturday night there is a live music and a belly dance presentation for the customers. The restaurant might be...
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Pato Lounge – Orpington Food Places

Pato Lounge in Orpington is open from 9:00AM to 11:00PM which makes this place different from what do the local residents in Orpington usually get (restaurants that open late evening and cafe's that close at 6:00PM). In addition to the fantastic interior design and the quality customer service, the food served here is probably one of the tastiest and healthiest in Essex.  Just click here to view their menu. One of our Orpington based customers recommended this place to us few years ago as...
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The Harvest Moon pub in Orpington

Probably one of the most romantic places in Orpington to go to. The Harvest Moon seen over the many years of its existence hundreds of the local girls and boys having their first dates at this pub. Its not just it name: 'The Harvest Moon' which literally means the completely illuminated moon but the romantic interior design and the quality of drinks make this pub so popular among the local date-goers.


What this pub is really good at:


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Things to do orpington kent

If you are living in Orpington you know exactly where to go for the finest local meal. Those who just moved here might find finding their favourite meal locally difficult as there are so many fine eateries to choose from in Orpington. There aren't any 'sub-prime' restaurants here. They are all different, each serving different kind of culinary needs. To make the life easier for you and save your time in researching the internet for the things to do in Orpington Kent we listed all the good restaurants in...
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