Parkside Chinese Restaurant in Orpington

Parkside Restaurant in Orpington is relatively new. The new owners, in order to distinguish their new place from other Asian places in Orpington, decided to focus on the authentic Sichuan with classic Canonese food with all this accompanied with the traditional Peking cuisine.  The local Orpington residents like this restaurant for their professional waiters, hight quality dishes and cosy atmosphere.  The most popular selection is the set meal for £16.90.  For full menu please click here.  Those wanting to taste the favours of the Parkside Restaurant without committing to a large purchase can order the home-made meat spring rolls for just £3.90 (please note most other Chinese restaurant in the UK sale pre-packed imported from China spring rolls which are not as good as the home-made ones).

What do the locals say about this restaurant?

This restaurant has good reviews on TripAdvisor.  Most of the reviewers gave them four out or five stars.  The Just Eat reviews say pretty much the same about this restaurant. We do recommend however, instead of relying on on-line reviews, that you just visit this restaurant and try one of the set meals. Enjoy the meal!

How to find this restaurant in Orpington.

Finding Parkside Restaurant is easy as it is located on Orpington Hight Street.  If you don’t know Orpington well enough to know where the High Street is please use this address and maps on your mobile phone:

Parkside Restaurant
5-7 Chislehurst Road,
Orpington, Kent, BR6 0DF

To make reservations you can call them on: 01689 822 033 or if this number is engaged (you would be surprised how busy they are) call this number: 01689 838 827

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