Pizza in Orpington – Pizza Express

Orpington’s Pizza Express is located at 97 High Street, Orpington BR6 0LF. The restaurant serves delicious food including gluten free pizzas, starters, salads and deserts. The meals are always fresh and healthy. You can choose to eat your pizza inside or take it away with you. Pizza Express also offers the Click&Collect option if you are too busy to eat like other people do.  The Pizza Express lovers can buy the pre-prepared and pre-packed pizzas or buy just the dough to prepare their own pizza at home. Customers can log on to the Pizza Express website to check and book special offers. The Starter and Main for £9.95 or the 25% Off Food are just two of many more good value offers.

Are kids welcomed at Pizza Express?

Oh yes. All kids have a special place at Pizza Express.  For £6.95 you can get for your child a three courses including Baked Dough Balls and side salad, pizza or pasta, dessert and Bambinoccino.

What is so special about Pizza Express?

First of all, pizza at Pizza Express is much better than the GoGo or Hut one. Secondly the company cares about the content of sugar in their foods. Their drinks for kids are not sweetened with refined sugar. Instead the kids an drink milk and juices in its natural state. You can purchase gift cards for your family or friends from here.

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