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Piano Removals Orpington

If you have a piano in your home then the idea of moving it yourself as part of a removal you are planning can be a very daunting task. Pianos can be deceptively heavy, mainly because upright models have all their weight in the top half. This leads to many occasions of people breaking their pianos, and in some cases causing so much damage that they need very expensive repairs.   This is why it is best to get in touch with a professional removal service and...
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Orpington Man and Van

If you are looking for a removal service that is simple and presents good value for money, then you should look no further than an Orpington man and van service. No other removal service gives you as much control as a man and van service, and these services tend to come with a nice personal touch. If you want to be treated as a special case and have all your removal needs met, then a man and van service is definitely...
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Removals Orpington

At Orpington Removals, we value the relationship we have with our customers. With every single customer we have, we strive to deliver a personal service so then everyone gets special treatment. Whenever we’re asked to do a specific job, we are always willing to work around what the customer wants and when they are available. All of our staff members are experts in their field, so they are able to handle any task you have for them. After one of our team members has been round to your home or place of work to provide a free estimate, we will immediately start planning how we can make the removal process quick and painless. We are always willing to work around your schedule so then you are there at all times to make sure everything is done the way you want.

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Furniture Dismantling and Assembly

Furniture dismantling and assembly is a job that should always be left to the professionals. If you do not have the right tools for the job or you are unfamiliar with them, then you could end up causing serious damage to some of your prized possessions. It's a job that really should only be handled by professional removal experts, so it's best to get in touch with a local company first before you decide that you can handle it all by...
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Packaging Supplies for Removal

When it comes to packing things ready for a removal, you have to make sure that you have all the right packaging supplies. If you don't, then you could find yourself in a situation where you are risking damage to very valuable items. Here is a list of the six most common packaging supplies for removal, and the reasons why they are so important to have around.  

Cardboard Boxes

This is probably the one item that everyone will think of. Cardboard boxes are ideal for packing everything...
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Packing Services

When it comes to packing services Orpington Removals knows well that packing your belongings up ready for removal can be a very daunting task and has to be handled with special care. No matter how prepared you are, you are always left wondering if you have packaged everything that needs packaging, or start worrying that a delicate item doesn't have proper protection. This is why we have a team of packing specialists on staff so then we can take all the worry about packing...
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Home or office space removals can be very difficult. If they are on a large scale, then it's always best to call in a group of professionals. This way you will know that all your precious belongings are being taken to their new locations safely by people who have had a lot of experience in the business. When you first get in touch with a Orpington removal company, they will either want to talk about the items you want moving over the phone,...
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