Founders of Orpington Removals

Monica, Larisa and Simony created Orpington Removals in 2008. They started with just one van, and they handled every aspect of the removal process themselves. It was hard work, but Monica, Larisa and Simony had big things planned for the future. They wanted to create a removal company that had a personal touch. They wanted Orpington Removals to be well known in the local area for being a hard-working, respectful and considerate removal company that always put the needs of their customers first.

It didn’t take long for word to spread about what a great service was being offered by Orpington Removals, and before they knew it Monica, Larisa and Simony were looking to hire more van drivers and packing experts in order to handle their increasing workload. Monica, Larisa and Simony knew that it was their personal touch that was making them so popular among their customers, so they made sure that they hired only the very best staff who knew how to work hard and ensure that the customer’s needs were always being met.

Orpington Removals continued to grow while Monica, Larisa and Simony worked hard to ensure that they kept the true spirit of what made their removal service so popular. Monica, Larisa and Simony now have 12 team members in their employment, along with four large vans that are ready and waiting to assist any removal in the Orpington area.

Considering where Monica, Larisa and Simony started from seven years ago with just one van, the pair have achieved a lot. Not only have they crafted Orpington Removals to become one of the leading removal companies in the Orpington area, but they have also maintained what made them so popular to start with. By ensuring that they only employed staff who were willing to work hard all the time and were as dedicated to customer service as they were, they managed to create a large removal company that still had a personal touch.

In a time when people are looking for more value for money, the founders of Orpington Removals Monica, Larisa and Simony are still working hard to make the company the best removal company in the area. Having 12 team members and four large vans is an impressive achievement, but they are certainly not going to slow down anytime soon. They hope to keep growing until they are one of the biggest removal companies in the area, while at the same time going the extra mile to provide the personal touch you would have expected from them when they started out as a small company in 2008.

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