Orpington Removals Team

Ever since we opened Orpington Removals back in 2008, we have been very proud of our selection process when it came to our team. Whenever we were looking to add someone new to the staff, we made sure that they were very hard-working, dedicated, and were willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the customer is always satisfied with our service.

Our team comes from many different backgrounds, and all of them have skills and previous experiences that make them a valued member of the team. Everybody who works here at Orpington Removals plays a crucial part in our removals service, and they are all among the very best in the removals industry.

All eight members of our team has been hand picked after a very strict selection process so then we were able to find the right person for the job. All eight of our team members share our goal to deliver an all-inclusive service that comes with a personal touch. Our team members have also received advanced training in removals, so they are able to deal with any situation that may arise during the removal process. Let’s introduce you to the excellent Orpington Removals team.


Slawek – Customer Service Manager

Slawek was the very first person we hired here at Orpington Removals, and since he joined he has worked his way to the top. Whenever you have a questions about your removal, whether it’s to make new arrangements or to make a special request, Slawek is on hand to provide you with everything you need to make your removal go swimmingly.



orpington removalsPawel – Removals Work Coordinator

When you get in touch with us and ask us for an estimate for your removal, Pawel will be the first person at your door. He will take a look around your home or place of work and give you a detailed estimate. Then when the removal is underway, he will be on hand at all times to make sure everything is running properly and all your issues are addressed quickly and professionally.


Orpington Removals LarisaLarisa – Finance Officer and Founder

Larisa has been our finance officer for several years, and during that time she has kept us financially organised and on track. She has worked in the finance department for three companies before, so she has all the experience necessary to keep us on the right track.



orpington removalsMariusz – Driver

Mariusz was the very first additional driver we hired. He had previously worked as a taxi driver in the Orpington area, and thus knows the roads in and around Orpington better than anyone else. If you want your belongings taking to their location quickly, Janek is the man for you.



orpington removalsTomasz – Driver

Tomasz is the newest addition to our team of drivers, and we’re very happy to have him on board. He has been driving vans since he was 16, so he has all the experience we need to complete removals safely and with little delay.



orpington removalsMateusz – Team Member

Mateusz has been with us for the last five years, and during that time he has taken on a wide number of jobs. He is able to drive a van if we are particularly busy, or he can help load up the van, making sure that your possessions are loaded safely and securely.



Orpington Removals MonicaMonica – Packing Specialist and Founder

Sam is in charge of our packing department, and she has worked in packing at removal companies for the past 20 years. She is an expert when it comes to every form of packing, and she knows exactly how to keep everything safe and sound while it’s on the van.



Orpington Removals SimonyJoanna – Packing Specialist and Founder

Joanna has been working with Sam for the past three years, and during that time she has learned a lot about the trade. She is able to take on a wide variety of packing jobs by herself, and have things ready for transport within a short space of time.


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