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Fiesta Mexicana Restaurant is located right in the centre of the town at; 99-101 High St, Orpington BR6 0LG and its best known from its deliciously sweet cocktails and tapas. Fajitas, Flame-grilled Stakes, Tex-Mex Sizzlers and Tortillas are just the beginning of their long list of traditional Mexican and Cuban foods. The restaurant organises loud parties and there is a special party menu for it. Their Chocolate Fudge Cake has been voted by our removals team as the best flavour and best price (only £3.50) in Orpington.

How suitable is this restaurant for kids?

Kinds love this restaurant, especially their Dinosaur BBQ Ribs, Pocahontas Tortillas and the Flying Buffalo Chicken Wings. All the high in sugar, soft drinks are free and kids can drink them as much as they like. Should your kids be still dissatisfied you can request one free scoop of strawberry, vanilla or chocolate ice cream? Orpington Removals are no expert dietitians but we would like to warn you about the negative effects of sugar on your offspring. For more information please read the NHS advice.


What is the best time to visit them?

That depends on how busy you like it to be. The restaurant is open everyday 12:00 noon till late. If you visit them at round 13:00 you won’t see too many people inside but if you come at 20:00 you might need to wait for the table. Like all the other Latin American restaurants in the UK, they close on Christmas day. To book your table call them on 01689 823334. To read all their good online reviews click here.

There are so many great things to see and do around Orpington that’s impossible to list them all. That said, we gave it a go. Would you rather go for a pizza? Click here to find out about the best one in Orpington. Or find more great restaurants on our blog.