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Hizar Meze Bar in Orpington is a place for everyone! No matter if you are a heavy meat eater, pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan, you will always find something delicious at this restaurant for yourself. To view the menu please click here.

Hizar Meze Bar is popular among the residents of Orpington as a place to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other events. Every Friday and Saturday night there is live music and a belly dance presentation for the customers.

The restaurant might be very busy on weekend evenings so you might like to contact them before you come to reserve the table. You can make the reservation by clicking here as well.

Is Hizar Meze Bar expensive?

Not really. For £14.50 you get a Grilled 28 Day aged Prime Sirloin Steak that is Served with Grilled Mushroom, Grilled Tomato, Oven Roasted Peppers and Chips.

If you prefer something some Turkish you can have their Free Range Chicken Breast Fillet, Marinated in Olive Oil, Mild Red Pepper Paste and Fresh Herbs for just over £10.

What is the ratio between the quantity of meat relative to the number of vegetables on their plates?

At Hizar Meze Bar the portions are generally large and if you opt for the meat dish you should expect a decent portion of meat on your plate (usually half the plate is covered with meat and the other half with rice or couscous. Please note there are additional plates brought to your table with deeps, salads and bread. Being served at Hizar basically means being surrounded by plenty of delicious food.

How to find Hizar in Orpington?

The Hizar Meze Bar Website won’t tell you the address of this restaurant. This is probably because finding this place could not be easier. All you have to do is to go to Orpington High Street and look around. If you can’t find them just call the restaurant management on 01689 898 000 and ask for directions.

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