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This is probably one of the most romantic places to go to in Orpington.

The Harvest Moon has seen over the many years of its existence hundreds of the local girls and boys having their first dates at this pub. It’s not just its name: ‘The Harvest Moon’ which literally means the completely illuminated moon. It’s the romantic interior design and quality of drinks that make this pub so popular among the local date-goers.

Famous British writer George Orwell once described his ideal pub in a newspaper article. This pub was called ‘Moon Under Water’. This is why many Wetherspoons pubs use ‘moon’ in their name. This particular pub is located at the front of the Walnuts shopping centre. Workers built it in the 1970s and named after the Victorian house which stood before it.

What this pub is really good at:

As a traditional British pub, you can enjoy classic British pub food. Of course, you’ll want to accompany it with a pint of traditional London ale.


What should you avoid doing at this pub:

Avoid getting really drunk as this may spoil the romantic atmosphere inside and disturb some of the fragile new relationships forming at the pub.


How to find this pub:

It’s not difficult to find it. Just walk down the Orpington High Street and look around. If you use taxis, ask the driver to take you to this address: 141-143 High Street, Orpington BR6 0LQ.

For more information call them on 01689 876931 or visit the The Harvest Moon website.

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