Piano Removals Orpington

If you have a piano in your home then the idea of moving it yourself as part of a removal you are planning can be a very daunting task. Pianos can be deceptively heavy, mainly because upright models have all their weight in the top half. This leads to many occasions of people breaking their pianos, and in some cases causing so much damage that they need very expensive repairs.


This is why it is best to get in touch with a professional removal service and tell them you have a piano that needs moving. They will then be able to take the entire job out of your hands so then you don’t have to worry about causing any damages. The removal professionals will be able to use the right equipment and packing material so then it can be taken from its current location carefully and safely before it is taken to its destination.


Here at Orpington Removals, we are able to take complete control of your piano removal. We have all the right tools and equipment to make sure your piano is removed from your home safely. The start with, our packing experts will make sure that the piano has the appropriate packing so then it is ready for its journey in the van. Then the removal team will get to work and start setting up straps and other pieces of equipment to make sure the piano stays in place throughout its journey to its new location.


The team of removal experts will then turn your piano onto its side so then it can be carried easily. There will be several team members holding the top end of the piano to make sure that it is properly supported at all times. The team will then coordinate with each other to figure out how to get it out of your house and safely onto the removal van without a hitch.


Once it arrives at its new location, the removal team will then repeat the process of turning the piano onto its side as they take it off the van. Once it is inside, it will be carefully placed back upright before all the packing material is removed.


Even though moving a piano by yourself is an extremely difficult task, the piano removal expertise of the team here at Piano Removals Orpington will make the entire process safe and easy.

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